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May 3

Start your engines and rev your motors for the next show in Let Me Be Frank Productions’ 25 th season of entertainment. “WIR Nights” takes place May 3rd at the Engler Center for the Performing Arts in Chilton, WI.

Welcome to WKAU Radio, home of the Wisconsin International Raceway’s Thursday Night Thunder, hosted by Van VanDollock and Joe Verdegan. When they’re not too busy announcing the speedway races, they can be easily distracted by some lovely local ladies, also known as the Trophy Girls. Sarah Dickle and Lisa Vercaturen are two of the best Trophy Girls around. Is there room for another lady at the track? Well, perhaps. We have a newcomer joining the track – Anika Hatrick — who plans on racing, not just cheering the men on from the stands. She’s going up against Bobbie Johnny and Trick Dickle, best friends since childhood and two of the best racers out there. It’s uncanny that Dickle has placed 2nd in 20 races and Bobbie Johnny has placed 1st in 20 races — coincidence or is something fishy going on at WIR? Bobbie Johnny’s dad, John
Johnny, attempts to coach his son and give advice from his own racing days, but his eyes and heart latch on to the new lady in town, Anika. Can Anika hold her own on the track? Will Dickle and Bobbie outrace her and keep their legacy going? You’ll have to find out in our all-new comedy musical, “WIR Nights.”

The show features Amy Riemer as Anika Hatrick, Paul Evansen as Trick Dickle, Pat Hibbard as Joe Announcer, Tom Verbrick as Van VanDollock Announcer and track owner, Lisa Borley as
the Trophy Queen, Sarah Galati as Sarah Dickle, Blake Hermans as Bobbie Johnny, and Frank Hermans as John Johnny.  

Band: John Singer (guitars), Pat Hibbard (bass), Tony Pilz (keyboards), Andrew Klaus (drums).
Lights: Ross Loining
Sound: Kelly Klaus

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